Are Lein Records Public?

Many homeowners may not be aware of a lien on their property, as a lien could be instituted in many instances. If you are located in Florida, the Florida Lien Search Company is a reputable source for searching for all types of liens including Florida city permit searches and Florida real estate tax search.

Because lien records are public information, lien search companies allow property owners to find out if and what type of lien is on their property in order to rectify their situation. Lien search companies allow users to search through various government entities such as code enforcement, Municipal Utility letters, taxes, and permit violations.

Code Enforcement

As a homeowner, you deal with code enforcement when putting an addition on your house, installing a pool, or building a shed. Your township or other municipal agency ensures that you are adhering to all guidelines when administering these changes to your property.

Further instances of code violations are having an overgrown yard with grass and weeds, trash scattered throughout the property, and objects that are impeding on public roads or sidewalks.In fact, one of the most common violations are weeds in excess of twelve inches tall on someone’s front lawn.

Property and Federal Taxes

As every homeowner knows, property taxes are paid multiple times annually, where the funds are given to schools, and other township agencies to support the needs of the people. However, navigating this complex system is no easy feat, thus, it is important for the property owner to become informed on the tax laws in their jurisdiction, and avoid any possible penalties

If a homeowner fails to pay their property or federal taxes, a lien may be issued to the property, transferring the possession of the property to the state until the taxes are settled. It is important to conduct a lien search for these types of issues, as they require immediate attention.

Permit Violations

A permit is required to conduct any significant alterations to your home, therefore, it is important to consult with a municipal authority prior to beginning work. If you failed to receive a permit for the work done, a municipal lien could be placed on your property. Lien search companies are able to assist you with finding any permit violations under your name.

Florida Lien Search can assist you with almost any lien issue you may encounter. Their decades of experience in the field will assure customers that they are in good company, and will get their issue resolved as soon as possible.