County Lien Letters

County Lien Letters FLorida

County Lien Letters FLorida

Real estate transactions may be complicated, but they don’t have to give you headaches. You simply have to be aware of the various laws in different states and municipalities. In Florida, you typically need county lien letters as part of the closing process on a real estate transaction. The county lien letters Florida residents need proves that your property does not violate any zoning, coding, or permit violations that apply to the county in which your property is located.

With the county lien letters Florida homeowners need in hand, you can proceed with the task of selling your property. At Florida Lien Search, we understand how essential this step is in any real estate transaction in the state. Our efficient search process will help you find the following factors that indicate a debt or fee against your property, which can prevent a real estate deal from closing.

  • Open permits: An open permit is a permit that has expired without the necessary permission of an inspection certificate. This certificate would typically be signed by a building and zoning department inspector. It’s important to verify that there are no open permits on your property, as their unauthorized expiration would be in violation of your county’s laws.
  • Code enforcements: In a lien search, you can find out if your property is associated with any violations of county codes. If it is, it likely necessitated a code enforcement which could have resulted in a county debt. These codes include issues such as nuisance complaints, which typically involve properties that have an accumulation of rubbish, junk, or abandoned vehicles on them.
  • Special assessments: A special assessment is typically an unrecorded lien that involves the issuance of a fee on a property. The fee could be imposed for a number of reasons, such as unauthorized signage or amenities on the property. If the special assessment fee from the county is outstanding, it could prevent you from selling your property.

While verifying all of this information on your own takes time and money, Florida Lien Search can give you the results you need with ease and efficiency. Let us help locate the notice of tax lien Florida area homeowners need to complete your real estate transaction.

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By utilizing Florida Lien Search’s services, you can direct your time and money to the parts of a real estate transaction that you actually need to focus on. Leave the task of verifying the necessary information for county lien letters in Florida to us. Our team has the resources to obtain these essential letters of notice of tax lien Florida area property owners need to complete their transaction. Contact Florida Lien Search to get started on your verification process today.