Code Enforcement Letters

Florida Code Enforcement Letters

Florida Code Enforcement Letters

The codes in different cities and counties in states across the country are designed to ensure that every person feels safe and comfortable in their home. When a property is in violation of these peacekeeping codes, their local municipality or county can issue a code enforcement against the property. In Florida, the lien that comes from this code enforcement can prevent the smooth sale and purchase of a property.

Before you close any real estate transactions, you need Florida code enforcement letters to verify that the property does not have a history of code enforcement. If there are outstanding violations and resulting debts or fines, it will be much more difficult to pass a property from one owner to another. 

At Florida Lien Search, we understand how essential it is to check for a history of Florida code enforcement letters on a property. Our efficient search process and experience in this industry can save you valuable time and money that you would spend on identifying your property’s past code violations. With code enforcement letters in hand that verify there are no outstanding violations, you can proceed with the task of selling your property.


Common Code Violations

Specific code violations will vary from one municipality to the next, but there are a few that you will find in nearly every county and city in the United States. These are some of the most common violations that can result in governing bodies levying code enforcements and fees against a property:

  • High weeds, typically taller than 12 inches, on the property’s lawn
  • Abandoned or inoperable vehicles on a property’s grass, dirt, or gravel
  • Trash and junk littering the property
  • Structures and lawns that do not appear well-maintained or safe
  • Pets that make an inordinate amount of noise
  • Materials, such as vehicles or trash cans, that obstruct public sidewalks and streets

While verifying all of this information on your own takes time and money, Florida Lien Search can give you the results you need with ease and efficiency.

Code Violations

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