Special Assessments

Special Assessment Tax Liens

Special Assessment Tax Liens

When a certain property has the opportunity to benefit from a public project, the municipality may levy charges against the property. These charges are known as special assessment tax liens.​ Public governing bodies typically levy special assessments for projects like infrastructure improvements, but homeowner’s associations and other private organizations can also charge special assessment fees.

While some counties may list special assessments on the non-ad valorem tax line of a property’s bill, it is not a universal practice. If your county has levied special assessment tax liens on a property you want to purchase and didn’t include it on any bills, you may not know that there is an outstanding charge on the property. This is where Florida Lien Search can help

At Florida Lien Search, we understand the importance of knowing any and all existing charges on a property. These hidden charges can prevent you from closing real estate transactions on a property, severely delaying your sales timeline and costing you money you didn’t expect to spend. Our efficient search process can identify any special assessment charges that are associated with your property, allowing you to know about existing charges and not let them take you by surprise.

Common Special Assessments

Special assessments can be tough to find, but it helps to know exactly what types of projects and improvements can warrant this kind of property fee. These are some of the most common types of public special assessments that can result in outstanding financial charges against your property:

  • New roads or sidewalks
  • New street lights in your neighborhood
  • Improved sewer, stormwater, and water connections to the municipal supply

If you live in a house, townhouse, or condo that is part of a homeowner’s association or condominium owner’s association, you may see special assessments levied by the private body. These assessments are in addition to the standard HOA or COA fees. They typically go toward any projects in the community that improve the general amenities for the residences and can include:

  • A new roof for the community clubhouse
  • Unexpected HVAC repairs
  • Repairs to the community pool

Verifying that a property does not have a history of these charges associated with it before you buy it can be a major challenge without the right resources. Florida Lien Search can find out this information for you with ease and efficiency, giving you the peace of mind that you’re not purchasing a property that has more financial complications than you expect.

Rely On Florida Lien Search

By working with Florida Lien Search, you can find any special assessments levied against your property without having to do the investigative work yourself. Our team has the resources to track down these tricky charges. Contact Florida Lien Search to get started on your search for special assessments today.